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Mint Recruitment is a knowledgeable and specialised recruitment service. We are committed to making our clients grow and achieve success on a daily basis. With 16 years of combined experienced, we are devoted to supplying qualified and experienced staff to Chefs and Catering services to help their business thrive and maintaining confidence in our recruitment services.

We remove the protracted process of recruitment and perform it for you giving you a fully interviewed, referenced, CRB checked and assessed member of staff who can be an asset to your team. Whether it is permanent or temporary work, all of our staff maintain the same high standard we set out.

We can offer you

  • Temporary and Permanent Chefs and Hospitality Staff provided at all levels.
  • Highly experienced Consultants available to give you expert advice and support.
  • Members of staff put through our vigorous process which includes but is not limited to; CRB checks, references, thorough interviews and who are often exclusively registered with us due to our impeccable reputation.
  • We offer you an emergency line direct to your consultant so we are contactable round the clock.

Examples of grades of staff we supply include:

  1. Chef Consultants
  2. Executive Chefs
  3. General Managers
  4. Development Chefs
  5. Head Chefs
  6. Hotel Management
  7. Sous Chefs
  8. Food Retail
  9. Private Household Staff
  10. Private Chefs
  11. Chef de parties
  12. Events Managers
  13. Demi Chefs
  14. Maitred’Hotel
  15. Chef Receptionists
  16. Catering Staffs
  17. Commis/Assistant Chefs
  18. Kitchen Porters

What makes us different?

  • Not only do we recruit to Chefs and Catering services, we consistently seek qualified individuals that are a real asset to anywhere they are placed.
  • We have a proven track record, over 16 years combined experience and we are committed to making our clients grow!
  • We are contactable around the clock with our emergency line for your peace of mind so any problems can be solved efficiently and professionally.
  • Mint Recruitment can supply staff for holiday, long term vacancies or sickness cover with just 1 hour’s notice so there is no need to panic about being short-staffed, Mint recruitment are here for you!
  • We have in depth industry knowledge which means we make informed and knowledgeable decisions when choosing staff for you.
  • We take pride in valuing the needs of both the staff and the recruiter, helping both to reach their full potential. Call us on 0207 205 2666 or email us at enquiries@mint-recruitment.com and make recruitment a stress free process. We are open 7 days a week from as early as 7am.

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