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We will ensure that we explore every opportunity to place you in the right job. With leading catering services and high end service jobs, we can help create and build your CV by placing you in outstanding jobs to bring you closer to your permanent goal, or we can simply place you in a permanent job full of promises to launch or improve your career. We are looking for candidates that are consistent, reliable and hard working. Please only apply if you consider yourself to have these qualities.

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What we supply

We provide qualified, trained and experienced members of staff on a temporary and permanent basis. Our staffs all have been extensively interviewed, are already CRB checked, referenced and ready to work for you. We have a 24hr emergency call out system to fully support all of the businesses that choose to use our recruitment process. We make sure we are always at hand to help and our consultants can help you if you are unsure about anything.

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  1. Chef Consultants
  2. Private Chefs
  3. Executive Chefs
  4. Chef de parties
  5. General Managers
  6. Events Managers
  7. Development Chefs
  8. Demi Chefs
  9. Head Chefs
  10. Maitred’Hotel
  11. Hotel Management
  12. Chef Receptionists
  13. Sous Chefs
  14. Catering Staffs
  15. Food Retail
  16. Commi/Assistant Chefs
  17. Private Household Staff
  18. Kitchen Porters

Advantages for Clients

  • In depth industry knowledge
  • Emergency staff with only 1 hours notice needed.
  • Recruitment process made easier, we will thoroughly check each client and filter him/her to suit your business needs.
  • Huge portfolio of candidates available to you.
  • Easily manageable Regular emails including staff who are suitable for you.

Recruitment Process

We strive to help all of our recruited candidates. It is simple to be part of Mint recruitment! All you have to do is submit a CV to us and we will send you our terms and conditions to get you started on your career path! We will consider all of your qualifications to fit you into the best role. With basic tests and a nice interview with us, we can get you onto the next stage and you will have our trial day with one of our top chefs!

What makes mint recruitment unique is that we offer a free personal service, actively finding you jobs at no cost or stress to you. We have excellent recruitment consultants who can help with CV building and provide you with advice and information that you need to help you through the recruitment process. So start your career and find work by submitting your CV to us now. Just click here and open up the opportunities for you.